Coyote Moon Slot

Coyote Moon is slot machine game manufactured by IGT. It is one of the most successful penny games of any of the slot machine manufactures. It’s primary features are:coyotemoonthumbnail

  • It has 40 pay lines, so the minimum bet to cover all the lines is $0.40 on the penny version of the game.
  • It has what are sometimes called “Clumped” wilds. This means that the wild symbols are next to each other on each reel. This makes for bigger wins when the wilds hit.
  • It has 5 reels which are four rows high. This set up is partially why the wild hits pay off so well.
  • It is themed as a southwest coyote/Indian art theme.
  • The math of the game (related to the clumped wilds) is has high volatility. This means that you can win a lot when you win, but you may go longer between wins.
  • The free spin bonuses give you 5 free spins. This means that often your biggest wins are related to the wilds rather than to the free spins. However, when you do get the free spins retriggered multiple times, it can pay off big.

Coyote Moon is a popular game because it plays fast, and it is very random. You do have a good chance of winning big on the game. There are not complicated bonus rounds on the game which make you wonder how you win or lose. You can see right where the reels end up and see what your luck is doing.

Coyote Moon is the basis for the other IGT product which is similar called Wolf Run. Wolf run has the same reel setup, but it plays even faster. Many people like Wolf Run even more than Coyote Moon.

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