Double Diamond Slot

Double Diamond Slot Image - made and sold by IGT - under fair use lawDouble Diamond is a game made by IGT. It is one of the most successful games in slot machine history. IGT first started using the trademarked Double Diamond image in commerce in March of 1990. Since then there are few casinos in the world that haven’t at some time had a version of Double Diamonds on their gaming floor.

The original game was designed as a mechanical reel game with a single line. Most often it was configured as a $.25 or a $1 game. Typically the top prize for 3 coins was set at 2500 coins. So your top prize for a $3 bet was $2500. That top prize was relatively higher for the three coin bet than the one or two coin bet, so it encouraged people to make the larger bet. Now you rarely see the single line game at less than $1 and $5 denominations, but you often find it in the high-roller or higher bet section of the casino.doublediamondspaytable

In addition to the cool name, what really made this game so awesome was the gambling qualities of the paytable. You got enough small wins to keep you in the game but you had a good shot of hitting a big win. By today’s standards the game was medium-high volatility, meaning that you have a good chance to get a significant win on it.

What IGT did that was brilliant with this game is that they made many different versions of it. Double Diamond 2000 was a video real version of the game with more lines in a 5 reel setup. They have made version of Double Diamonds for Elvis, Elizabeth Taylor, Wheel of Fortune and a lot more too.

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